We took many years to design and offer a great accessory for our portable gates in our catalog and today, it is something done! The two main lacks of our portable gates were the quality of the gate drop (bounce) and the noise when the door hit the ground. With this accessory, we solved both of those lacks and now, each future gate drops will be quiet and without any bounce ! This accessory really become essential now and we are sure you will love it !

Why PROCUSHION ? Cushion because it is clearly the name of the product ! But Cushion, it means also  Coolest Unique System – High Intelligent Off Noise ! Some funny words to say we made a nasa level product but in fact, it is pretty simple … 😀

This accessory is compatible with all our portable gates : The Original, Prime & MAX (recent or old models)

– PVC sheet underneath with 2 hooks to connect the accessory to the gate.
– Cushion made by @CustomRacing (Famous brand in the BMX racing industry making BMX jersey & pants) – The cushion can be removed and you can order extra foam inside in the futur directly in our website (check our accessories)

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 4 in