PROEVENT Race Display


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PROEVENT is a high digit display of 10″ managing race numbers and time results automatically. That display is compatible with all Prostart starting systems and also other system (BENSINK, PROGATE, SPORTMANIA – adapter in the shop) It is also compatible with the sensors of the Protraining range to stop the time results.

A new version has been launched including a freezing time after crossing the split sensor. (= holeshot time)

  • Display of 4 digits of 10″ with a IP51 protection rating. (A cover is advised to resist from all weather conditions)
  • Able to be managed automatically in connecting to starting system and sensors. It also can be managed manually through the remote included
  • COUNTER MODE : After each gate drop, the display increments. The initial number can be set with UP or DOWN button in the remote.
  • STOPWATCH MODE: After gate drops (or start button is pushed), the time starts. Split time is displayed during 5 seconds if a split sensor is connected. Final time is displayed after final sensor crossed. (or stop button is pushed) Two modes of display : 99.99 seconds or 99.59 minutes
  • DUAL MODE: That function combines the first two modes. After gate drops (or start button is pushed), race number is displayed. After final sensor crossed. (or stop button is pushed), time result is displayed. The dual mode naturally increments the value of the counter at each departure.
  • TIMER MODE: That mode is good to for spectators and judges in order to see when the next races are coming. When the time is arrived at null, the display is flashing, meaning that the competition is going to restart.
  • That timing system is also compatible with BENSINK, PROGATE & SPORTMANIA in using an adapter available in the shop.
  • PROEVENT 10″ 4 digit display
  • Remote
  • DB15 extension cord of 3m/10ft
  • M12 cable extension of 5m/18ft
  • 110/220v 4amp power supply
  • Manual

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 16 × 4 in
Main color




Accuracy of the timing system

0,01 seconds

Electrical connexion

Prostart starting system (portable gates, safety gates, straight gates)