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The MAX portable gate is OUR newest portable starting gate product ! We presented the first prototype during the Word Championships in Nantes, FRANCE in July 2022. After many and many developments and tests, we are very proud about the purpose of this gate ! This LARGER, LONGER gate with a BETTER & STRONGER conception is steadier and more confortable than the Original Gate. Thanks to its double electro-magnet, this gate model can be used with mountain bike up to 29 inches, a good way to diversify your training from BMX Racing to MTB Sports.

This gate is an indispensable tool for any riders looking to get better gate outputs and accelerate faster & stonger with a strong conception that will look more like a real track gate. Futhermore, this gate is also perfect to organize events where a gate needs to be temporary used. You plan to organize a Pumptrak or Straight Rythm race? Or BMX Racing Straight race ? This starting gate is the perfect solution for you with a lightweight and strong gate easy to move, connect and use. And you can connect two (2) max gates together so you can also organise a Dual Slalom race ! (To purchase an EXTRA PORTABLE GATE MAX)

  • Gate is composed at 100% of Aluminum to become a very light and stiff product.
  • With a thickness of 7mm and dual magnets, the door has been designed to resist from 6 years old kids to professional Elite / heavy riders, From BMX Racing riders  to any Cycling riders (on Dirt Bike, Enduro Bike, Downhill bike, …)
  • With a total weight of 20kg, we have designed a portable gate in two parts to save confort during assembly and dissassembly.
  • The gate is lying on rubber pads which allow it to be stable and not slippy on any ground surface.
  • The door is equipped of an high-quality grip that will hold perfectly any rider wheels
  • Both side bars are in stainless steel and will never bend
  • Possibility to change the timing to improve skills on starting gesture and permits you to adapt yourself easily on any tracks.
  • Possibility to change the waiting time between button pressed and beginning of the voice cadence. (Default time : 3 seconds) up to 10 seconds
  • Gate delivered with a robust cardbox for a safe transportation
  • Speaker located directly under the rider for a perfect sound diffusion. The volume is adjustable. Max 96dB.
  • Separated 4-lamp LED light
  • Timing plug to connect all the Prostart timing systems.
  • Supplementary plug available to connect one extra MAX portable gate or two Extra ORIGINAL portable gate. (Not possible to add Gate-Hub)(This gate is too big to have a wheeled bag. You have to keep the robust cardboard or fine locally a box that can protect the gate)
  • Portable starting gate in aluminum with two electromagnets and two sidebars.
  • Portable startin gate in two parts that hook up together with two manual grip screws.
  • 12Vdc Starting system MiniBOX with adjustable speaker up to 96dB
  • 4-lamp LED light MiniLIGHT
  • Connections (12Vdc power supply, cigare-lighter plug, cigare-lighter extension)
  • Include PROCUSHION Accessory
  • Robust box for the shipping

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 25 × 11 in
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