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Can I order online ?

Yes you can. We sell and export to USA and Canada. If you’re from an other country, please select your continent on the home page : After putting the product(s) in your cart and enter your delivery address, it will automatically calulate the shipping costs.

What is the difference between Prime and Original portable gates ?
Both gates are the same mechanically. The differences are :
– The Original Gate includes the wheeled bag in its price, whereas the Prime gate not. (The bag can be purchased in extra for a cost of 50€)
– The Original Gate offers a speaker with a volume up to 96dB. (Adjustable) This volume is adapted from individual use to large training group.
– The Prime gate offers a speaker with a volume up to 72dB. (Adjustable) This volume is adapted from individual use to small training group (max 3-4 riders around)
How long does it take to receive my order ?

The shipping time depends of your location. We give an approximate shipping time of 3 working days for European customers, 5 working days for North American customers and 8 working days for the rest of the worlds. We are not responsible of shipments on-hold at the custom which could cause some delay in the delivery of the order.

Where is Prostart headquartered ?

At Prostart, the lead is taken by our headquarters in Sainte-Soulle (France). We also have a branch in Grand-Junction CO (United-States) which take care of all the North American market.

Which payment gateway do you offer to order in your store ?

We offer a payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) in our store. If you do not want to pay by card or are meeting issue, you can also contact us by e-mail and we will explain how to send us a wire transfer.

What is your return policy ?

Please open the link below and read all our information about Returns and refunds :

My timing system doesn’t work. How to connect it with my phone/tablet ?
First, download our free app « Prostart » on Google Play or Apple Store Then open the app, press on 2S TIMING, press on the grey Bluetooth logo and finaly select the device « stboxXXXXX ». Make sure the settings (top right of your screen) are :
– Athletic feature > OFF (This function is for Track & Field athletes only)
– Pre-November 2016 mode > OFF (This mode is good only if you purchased your timing system before the 1st of November 2016)
The electric gate of my track is saying in french «Défaut du moteur Electrique». What to do ?
First, check the code displayed on the bottom left screen inside the control box. Most of time, the code will show F2174.
Please press on the button ESC just bottom left of this screen. The code error should remove and you will be able to use the electric gate normally.
Do not hesitate to switch off the system to reset everything.
What are your compressor recommandations for our Prostart Pneumatic gate ?

1 > Power – For 220VAC (Europe, Oceania, Asia), a minimum of 3HP. But if you can get a 3,5 or 4HP, it will be even better. For 110VAC (America), we recommand a 2HP.
2 > Tank – A minimum of 100 Liters / 20 Gallons. And Ideally a 150 Liters / 26 Gallons.
3 > Max Pressure – Up to 10 Bars (145 psi) or more. Some compressors don’t reach above 8 bars (120psi) and can’t operate with our air gates.