PRO-ST3 Timing System



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PRO-ST3 is the better model of the PROTRAINING 3 range. That timing system is compatible with all the Prostart starting system (Portable gates, safety gates, straight gates, …) and works also in portable through its battery included.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, all the time results are saved in the free app 2S TIMING Prostart available on Google Play & Apple Store.

Compared to the Protraining 2, that new version is composed of a better sensor with laser technology and time results are also more accurate in upgrading the STBOX and the free app.

  • 100% designed and made in our office, that Protraining range is both the most powerful and affordable timing system adapted for BMX Racing.
  • The free app available in Google Play & Apple Store, called 2S TIMING PROSTART, has been designed to easily manage time results, athletes and groups of athletes.
  • With a Bluetooth range between 20 & 80 meters (according to the performance of the device used), no need to stay in only one place. The app saves automatically all the result from the STBOX.
  • An accurate timing system is very important for riders and coaches in order to see the performance of the athletes during a full season. With our accuracy of 0,001s, each details will be worked in order to improve after every training.
  • Tripods are adapted to BMX wheels and can be adjustable if the ground isn’t flat or hard. A spirit level is available in order to well place the laser sensor.
  • Laser technology offers an easier setup and better quality than all competitive sensors. With its 15 meters range, that sensor is adapted both for sessions on portable gates than sessions on full BMX tracks.
  • A protective shoulder bag is included in order to fit all the components in safe place. It’ll also help to transport them all over the tracks.
  • With its battery of 1,2Ah, that model works independently in order to use it everywhere (Road for sprints, part of a track, corner, …)
  • The 110/220v battery charger includes an EU and UK socket only.
  • That timing system is also compatible with BENSINK, PROGATE & SPORTMANIA in using an adapter available in the shop.
  • Shoulder bag
  • ST-BOX, bluetooth BLE 5 device managing all the informations from starting system and laser sensors (New device since 2023 – More stable and longer wireless range)
  • M12 extension cord reel. Two models : 100ft or 200ft (To select)
  • ST-BAT, 12vdc 1.2Ah battery
  • 110/220v battery charger 12vdc
  • Three laser sensors on tripod
  • Three reflectors on tripod
  • Four M12 cable extensions of 2m / 6,5ft to connect starting system, STBOX and sensors together.
  • Manual for the timing system & 2S TIMING app

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 14 in
Main color




Accuracy of the timing system

0,001 seconds

Electrical connexion

Prostart starting system (portable gates, safety gates, straight gates)
STBAT portable battery included in the timing system

Range of the bluetooth

20 meters minimum, 80 meters maximum (According to performance of the device used)

Range of the laser

Above 15 meters

Cable Reel Model

100' Cable Reel, 200' Cable Reel