What’s new with Prostart? All info here!

Time flies so quickly !


Here are the highlights of the last months!


Since July 2018, we have improved the performance of the 100% Electric Gate to provide even more stability and durability. Today, more than 40 systems are in use all over the world and the trend shows that the all-electric gate is the future of starting system.


America, always more projects: Since November 2017, we have installed three 100% electric gate and seven pneumatic ones. That’s 30% of our business, a huge growth showing the potential market in the US and Canada in the coming years.


The production workshop was relocated in La Rochelle since 1st August 2018. It took us almost a year, but the production is now settled in a beautiful region of France near the sea offering a living environment more suited to our situation than the suburbs of Paris. Our new office is bigger, and the warehouse offers a bigger storage space.


The arrival of an apprentice for the next two years to help with the production and export operations. After three months of testing, Djilal Oumakhlouf, a young French Elite rider, is no longer just a member of the Prostart national team but also an employee, who followed to La Rochelle in order to participate actively in the Prostart adventure.


New markets obtained: we visited new countries in 2018, such as Russia, French Polynesia, Portugal and Latvia.

Within four years, we settled gates with our own hands in 22 different countries.


Since the beginning of 2018, we financially and humanly support Mathis Ragot Richard, the youngest French member of the French team and currently ranked in the top 10 worldwide. His sympathy, simplicity and great ambition makes him a future great champion and we are very happy to be part of his dream.

Since September 2018, we also work with Eddy Clerté, a very focused and energic 20 year-old rider, who promises to achieve future seasons at the height of the world’s great riders.


Finally our national team made of 15 to 32 year-old riders continue to improve and it helps to achieve our rider’s goals. It’s also a great human experience which develop an extraordinary friendship. With the help of coach Bastien Lavie through the season, we had a very good cohesion and group energy. A big thanks to RIFT TANGENT partners distributed by Usprobike, LeadRaceWear, Custom Racing and Epik Carbon products.


Once again, we thank everyone involved in the Prostart adventure. A community getting bigger, which helps us to get us more and more famous and recognized on our market. All the Prostart staff is 200% focus to reach our goals, and offer our favorite discipline the best starting and timing systems.


Quentin GRÜN, manager of Prostart.